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Allowing Joy #1/2013

I have spoken before about the idea of not needing to get more joy; that it’s more about how much joy we can handle and allow into our lives. In her book, Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani speaks about how we are already one with everyone and everything, so pursuing something we perceive as missing from our lives is counter-productive. She says, “Allowing, on the other hand, doesn’t require effort. It feels more like a release, because it means realizing that since everything is One, that which I intend to get is already mine.” She continues, “The process of allowing happens by first trusting, and then by always being true to who I am. In this way, I will only attract that which is truly mine, and it all happens at the rate I’m comfortable with.” She goes into a much deeper explanation than I’ve included here. I highly, highly, recommend reading her book if you want to experience a gloriously expanded view of life!

Yesterday morning I wrote in big letters across the top of a note pad, “What do I want in life?” But, then I remembered Anita’s words, reminding me that wanting implies something is separate from me and that I have to do something in order to get it. So, I’m starting a new list. I titled it, “The Joy I Will Allow”.

 Let your spirit soar!


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