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I’m out visiting my son and daughter-in-love in Wyoming. We just passed a billboard on the highway that asked, “Are you headed in the right direction?” I don’t know what the sign was advertising, but I immediately found myself asking that question about my own journey to connect more deeply with God. I was so eager to find Him high in the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. He was there all right, but I need to remember that He was with me back in Lowell, Massachusetts too. It just seemed easier to connect with Him in the majesty of the mountains.

┬áThe truth is, I cannot find God anywhere else until I find Him within myself. That is the only direction I need travel. And I only need a one way ticket because, why would I ever want to return? So, the next time I think I can find God somewhere outside of myself, I hope I pass another billboard that asks, “Are you headed in the right direction?”

 Let your spirit soar!

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