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The Meadow #8/2013


I once read that our thinking mind is akin to a three-ring circus. We not only have an incessant stream of thoughts, we often have more than one thought (circus act) at a time. To make matters worse, these thoughts often complete and conflict with each other. I have learned that I can quiet my mind by mentally stepping out of the chaos of the circus and focusing on loving the quiet meadow that surrounds it. I used to worry that going to that quiet inner space of the meadow was just a means of escaping reality rather than dealing with it. What I didn’t understand was that the peaceful inner state I was retreating to is reality! It is my true nature to be peaceful, loving and joyous. Anything less than that is an illusion. In every moment I can choose either the chaos of the circus or the peace of God.

I think I will go for a walk in the meadow.

 Let your spirit soar!

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