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Recently, I had to take time out of my already busy day to shop for a product to solve a persistent household problem. I ended up having to drive much further than I had anticipated and then the product I bought didn’t solve the problem anyways. Feeling myself getting annoyed and frustrated, I decided to quiet my mind and ask my higher self, “What was this for?” Instantly, I heard, Did you enjoy the ride? Hmmmm. The voice continued, because, if you didn’t, then you surely wasted your time. I thought back. Had I been fully present and enjoying each moment of that ride, or was I seeing it as only a means to an end, totally focused on the future outcome? Thankfully, I could say that, for the most part, I did enjoy the ride. That’s when I realized that, regardless of the outcome . . . it was time well spent.

 Let your spirit soar!

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