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Benched #14/2013


I remember being shocked when I learned that inspirational author, Eckhart Tolle, spent most of two years sitting on a park bench overlooking the ocean. He said he was so peaceful that it was enough for him to just sit there and breathe. Hard for me to imagine – until last night. For years I have practiced meditating along with sporadic bouts of walking, yoga and Tai Chi. I have become increasingly more peaceful which has helped me to do things in a calmer, gentler way, but last night was different. Maybe it was because I went for a walk and did some yoga and Tai Chi before meditating, or perhaps all my practice is just finally paying off. Because, when I was done meditating, I was so peaceful that I continued to sit there. It was midnight, but I was wide awake. At first I thought about what I would do next. Would I read? Write? Do some artwork? I soon realized that there was nothing I wanted or needed to do or even think about. I sat there for almost an hour – peaceful, alert, content – totally enjoying myself (in-joy-in-myself). I wasn’t doing anything. I was being. I was simply a human – being.

 Move over, Eckhart.

 Let your spirit soar!

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