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With my lofty expectations of life, my mother calls me a dreamer. Some people call me inspiring. I’m sure others think I’m just plain crazy. And I would be crazy to expect miraculous things to happen if I were relying on my own power to make it so. I have no power. But, there is a powerful force that can work through me in miraculous ways when I stay aligned with the peace, joy and love that I’ve come to know is our true nature. Seeing this force at work in my life has taken me from a state of mere optimism to one of trust. I expect good things to happen. As Dr. Wayne Dyers says, “Be realistic. Expect miracles.”

 A person I met last night at a spiritual discussion group said to me, “I really liked what you shared with the group. I can tell that you are miracle-minded.” Now, that’s one label that suits me just fine!

 Let your spirit soar!



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