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Have You Heard? #16/2013


I got new hearing aids today. The ones I’ve had for the past six years were no longer adequate. When I began losing my hearing in my late forties, a spiritual teacher told me that it was because it was time for me to learn to listen to my inner guidance instead of what the world was telling me. He said that, then, my hearing would return.

 I have spent the last fifteen or so years learning to listen to Spirit, but never with a more concentrated effort than over the last few months. What I have heard is the beautiful truth about myself – about everyone – that we are God’s thought of love in form; that we are whole and innocent; that when we follow Spirit’s guidance instead of making our own plans, we are then working with the creative power that can move mountains; that we can live in joy once we are willing to put God first.

 My new hearing aids are fantastic. When I put them in the first time, I wept with joy at all I could hear. But, I know the aids are only a physical symbol of how I am hearing Spirit more clearly. The new technology is amazing, but the real miracle is that I have finally heard.

 Let your spirit soar!

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