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Making Progress #17/2013


I got pulled over for a traffic violation today. I knowingly made an illegal right turn. I wasn’t in a hurry – just impulsive. A detour had led me back down toward the river that I had just driven by moments before. I got to thinking that it would be a lovely day to sit along the riverbank and soak up the sun. I just wasn’t facing in the right direction to make the turn I needed to get to the parking lot. Because there was no traffic in sight, I decided it was safe to make the turn. When I saw the blue, flashing lights, I didn’t even flinch – not even for a second! I pulled over and calmly proceeded to tell the officer the truth about my impulsive decision to claim some R and R for myself. I couldn’t believe how calm I was. I think my serenity contributed to my only getting a verbal warning before I was sent blissfully on my way. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the water’s edge, never giving the incident another thought until now.

Sometimes we don’t realize how far we have come on our spiritual journey until we are tested.

I was clearly shown that all my efforts to learn how to stay in the moment and peacefully accept what is are paying off. What would have been a hair raising event in the past was merely a pleasant sign post in the present, showing me that I am making progress.

Let your spirit soar!




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