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Letting Go #19/2013


Two years ago, when my son and his fiance’ began spending most of their spare time up in Maine with her family, I briefly fell into the ego’s trap of being jealous. However, once I stepped back, I could see that my son was growing and thriving in this new environment and I was overjoyed for him. He recently moved up to Maine. This much larger, livelier family had taken him into their heart and home and greatly expanded his world. Because I was able to stay in the love, instead of fear mode, it wasn’t long until my mom and I were embraced by their love as well. We now have a standing invitation for every holiday, summer visits to their cottage, and more. This past Saturday, my son got married. It was a truly joyous event. I may not be able to see him as often as I used to but, when I do, his smile is ten miles wide. His joy is mine and I couldn’t be happier.

Let your spirit soar!

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