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On the way home from a long weekend with my friend, she asked if I would mind stopping with her to visit her aunt and uncle’s gravesite. Standing on a hill overlooking the gravesites, she said, “Cemeteries are funny. The people who are here, aren’t really here at all.” “No”, I answered. “The tombstones are just symbols in form that help us to feel like we are connecting with their spirit which is really everywhere.” 

A few minutes later, I mentioned that I wished we were close enough to stop where my ex-husband is buried because it is an hour’s ride from my home and I don’t get there often. Just as I finished speaking, I turned to see a very large tombstone right behind us with his last name, RICHARDS, prominently carved into it. It was a beautiful confirmation of what we had just said. Spirit is everywhere. We are all connected at all times.

Let your spirit soar!

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