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For the past few days, I have been imagining that Jesus is right beside me, guiding me in everything I do. He sits next to me in my car, he stands beside me during conversations, etc. Although I’ve learned that we are One, I still find it helpful to think of him as “with” me. This morning at my Tai Chi class I had a powerful demonstration that he is. During our five minute break, I was so peaceful that I just sat on one of the chairs at the edge of the room and meditated. An Asian woman whom I had never spoken to before sat down next to me and rested her arm on the back of my chair, which I thought was a little unusual. While meditating, I sensed that Jesus was with me holding my hand. My next thought was that he wouldn’t communicate with me in a way that involved physical touch because that would just reinforce the illusion that I am a body and He is in spirit. Instantly, I heard him correct me in my mind, saying, “Don’t question how I come to you. Simply be joyful that I am here.” Just then, the Asian lady slid her arm down across my back and wrapped her warm hand around my shoulder. She left it there during our entire break. It was so comforting. Then, on the ride home, still in wonder about what happened, I found myself humming a very old tune that I hadn’t thought of in years. When I remembered the lyrics, I had to smile:

     I’ll be loving you always                                   
     with a love that’s true always.
     When the things you’ve planned
     need a helping hand,
     I will understand always.


     Days may not be fair always,
     that’s when I’ll be there always.
     Not for just an hour,
     not for just a day,
     not for just a year,
     but always.

Thank you, Jesus.

Let your spirit soar!


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