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New and Improved? $24/2013

ImageI have a whole bookcase full of self-help books. I’ve been reading them for years. I still find books helpful, but there has been a shift in what I select to read. I used to focus on books showing me how to fix myself; how to make myself a better person (whatever that means!). What I read now reminds me that there’s nothing to fix; nothing to prove, or im-prove about myself in order to be worthy of love. I don’t need to re-invent myself. All I need to “do” is get my ego (that I created) out of the way and let the perfection that God created shine through me. I need to remember that I am like the oranges in the Simply Orange juice commercial, which they described as, “Not new. . . Not Improved . . . Still perfect.”

Let your spirit soar!


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