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Christ Vision #25/2013


“Christ’s eyes are open, and He will look on whatever you see with love if you accept His vision as yours. “ A Course in Miracles

Dear readers,

Christmas has a much deeper meaning for me this year. I finally realize what we are celebrating. It is not only the birth of Jesus into the world, but the birth of the Christ mind within each of us. Each time we remember to ask Him how to look upon this world through His vision of love, we are birthing Christ consciousness within ourselves. We are releasing our fearful, erroneous belief in smallness and limitation and rising up in glory. We are remembering the truth, that we are One with the Son of God, holy, innocent, and free, as God created us – eternally loving and loved.

This holiday season, wishing you Christ’s vision where, “love is the answer to every question, the response to every situation, the experience in every moment.” Neale Donald Walsch

Many blessings,

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