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Plans #26/2013

ImageA Course in Miracles tells us that the healed mind does not plan. It allows itself to be guided by Spirit in each moment, free of concerns about the past or worries about the future. As the new year approaches, most of us try to make plans to somehow live differently and, hopefully, better than before. The first day of a new year symbolizes a clean slate for us. What I often forget, is that each and every moment is an opportunity to start over – to choose again. So, yes, I do have plans for the new year, but I’m going to begin them right now by resolving to give up my “own” plans in favor of the plan God has for my life. To the best of my ability, I am going to remember to ask Him where He wants me to go, what He wants me to do, what He wants me to say, and to whom. If I do that, I have faith that this new year will indeed be a happy one.

No matter what you plan, or do not plan, to do in this new year, may you find each and every moment blessed with the peace, love and joy that is God.

Let your spirit soar!


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