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In your face

Hello my dear readers,

I am LOL to discover that, although I reduced the size of my photo when I submitted my last blog, it still showed up full size in the posting. So, I want you to know that I wasn’t trying to be so “in your face” with my big face! What’s important is the message that comes through from Spirit. It’s not about “Paula”.     🙂

Much love,

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Hard Re-set #4/2014


A few days after I bought my new Dell laptop, it shut down and I was unable to restart it. There I sat with a brand new, high quality computer and a totally blank screen. I was more than a little frustrated because I did not know what to do. A friend who was visiting told me that sometimes it works to simply hold down the ON switch for 30 seconds. She called it a “hard re-set.” To my complete amazement, it worked.

An organization called Pause for Inspiration, teaches a technique using what they call, The Four Decisions. PAUSE – STEP BACK – STEP ASIDE – LET INSPIRATION GUIDE. When I am in the midst of any situation that hooks me emotionally, pulling me away from love, peace and joy, I find it helpful to use these four steps. To me, it is the spiritual equivalent of a thirty second pause, or counting to ten before doing something I know I will regret. The difference is that it is not only a time out. It is also a time to let Spirit’s wisdom and guidance in. It’s a time to ask Spirit, How can I see this differently? What would love have me do?

 I guess you could call it a “hard re-set.”

Let your spirit soar!                        

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Empowered #3/2014

My first babysitting job came about unexpectedly when my CCD teacher called in a panic, saying she needed someone at the last minute to mind her infant and could I help her out. I idolized this woman and would have done anything to help her, so after explaining that I had never babysat before, I said yes. She picked me up and hastily gave me instructions as we drove to her home. I wasn’t used to babies and I was terrified. I expect she was plenty nervous about the whole situation as well.

Everything was going well until her daughter rolled over onto a squeak toy during her nap. The sound startled her and she woke up screaming. Just then her mother called to see how things were going. Imagine her fear when I answered the phone with her baby screaming in my arms. I was feeling so overwhelmed and inadequate. What would she think? What would she say?

After I quickly explained to her what happened, this first time mother, who must have been nervous, did the unexpected. She said, “OK, I am going to hang up now so you can handle the situation. I’m sure you will do just fine. You have my number if you need me.” Instead of worriedly asking me more questions or trying to tell me what to do, she empowered me!

In hindsight, I realize what a great gift that was and, I wonder how many times I have unwittingly withheld that gift from others. How many times have I made the judgment (without being asked!) that someone is needy and incapable, instead of trusting that they are alright, and will ask for help if they want it? This is especially true regarding their spiritual journey. What if, instead of judging people as still needing to awaken (myself included), I saw them as whole and complete – as God’s perfection – right now? That is what Jesus saw. He never saw lack, limitation, or weakness in anyone! It is why they healed in His presence. He only saw the truth. Talk about empowerment!

Ah! I just realized that this is in alignment with a lesson in a course I’ve been studying. I have this card posted in my kitchen:

“God’s perfection is all I want to see. Instead of finding fault, I now see God’s perfection. With the Holy Spirit, I see the perfection in all, strengthening it in me and my brother. This is my joy and happiness.” PATHWAYS OF LIGHT.

Let your spirit soar my perfect friends!


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