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In your face

Hello my dear readers,

I am LOL to discover that, although I reduced the size of my photo when I submitted my last blog, it still showed up full size in the posting. So, I want you to know that I wasn’t trying to be so “in your face” with my big face! What’s important is the message that comes through from Spirit. It’s not about “Paula”.     🙂

Much love,

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Hard Re-set #4/2014


A few days after I bought my new Dell laptop, it shut down and I was unable to restart it. There I sat with a brand new, high quality computer and a totally blank screen. I was more than a little frustrated because I did not know what to do. A friend who was visiting told me that sometimes it works to simply hold down the ON switch for 30 seconds. She called it a “hard re-set.” To my complete amazement, it worked.

An organization called Pause for Inspiration, teaches a technique using what they call, The Four Decisions. PAUSE – STEP BACK – STEP ASIDE – LET INSPIRATION GUIDE. When I am in the midst of any situation that hooks me emotionally, pulling me away from love, peace and joy, I find it helpful to use these four steps. To me, it is the spiritual equivalent of a thirty second pause, or counting to ten before doing something I know I will regret. The difference is that it is not only a time out. It is also a time to let Spirit’s wisdom and guidance in. It’s a time to ask Spirit, How can I see this differently? What would love have me do?

 I guess you could call it a “hard re-set.”

Let your spirit soar!                        

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