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When I decide #6/2014

When I think I have a problem to solve, I know that taking time to meditate is helpful. I sit in silence with the intention to quiet my mind and surrender the problem to a higher power. When I can do that, for even five minutes, solutions come to me and my day usually hums along beautifully. But, more often than not, I find my mind keeps working to solve the problem on its own. This never works, because it was my mind that created the problem in the first place!

So, why do I so often persist in finding my own solutions? Like a small child asserting my independence, I choose to flounder on my own instead of accepting help. I realize now that this is how all my seeming problems began – in my desire to experience what it would be like to be separate from God. That’s the human experience. It is an imagined assertion of my independence.

I say I want to reconnect with God. Be guided by His love in every moment. And yet, sometimes I find it difficult to give Him undivided attention for even five minutes.

 When will that change?

When I stop wanting to be an individual with my own personal story of woe to tell.

When I decide I am ready to be One with God’s love instead of separate and “special”.

Let your spirit soar!


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