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Recently, I had yet another, even grander, experience of synchronicity – of having one of my desires come true in an unexpected and most delightful way. Perhaps I will relate the story sometime but, right now, I want to speak to the truth that made the story possible.

During the experience, I became more and more convinced that all I had to do was think of something I wanted and it would appear. I jokingly entertained the thought that I could “walk on water” if I wanted to. But, what I am learning is, if I truly believed it, I could walk on water right now. And so could you.

In the Way of Mastery, the voice of Jesus tells us over and over and over again, “I come forth as your equal . . .” He also says, “And, the very power that you have been using to try to convince yourself of your limitations is exactly the same power that I used to overcome death.” Wow! Instead of us thinking that Jesus was the only one able to break through the veil of death and fulfill God’s will completely, we need to realize that He was just the FIRST one to do it.

I understand that we teach what we most need to learn. I am certainly not walking on water yet. But, through the amazing events happening in my life, I know I am getting small glimpses of the vast power available to us all. So, my promise to you is that I will do my very best to never believe in your limitations. And, because it will help you to remember your own power, I ask that you help me to remember mine.

Namaste’ (the God in me recognizes the God in you),

Let your spirit soar! Paula


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