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In an old Star Trek the Next Generation episode, there is a scene where the character, Deanna Troy (who plays the wise counselor on the spaceship), along with two other characters, are forcefully thrown onto their backs as the result of an explosion. In a documentary about the show, Marina Sirtis, who plays Deanna, tells how she insisted on playing her own character in the scene, rather than using a stunt person. She relates how she broke her tailbone as a result of the fall and how painful it was. Later, when she saw the scene played out on film, she discovered that the three characters were so tiny in relation to their surroundings, that you could hardly even tell who they were! She went through a lot of pain for nothing.

I think we are a lot like Marina. Instead of being happy with our Oneness with God, we decided that we need to prove ourselves – to break out and play our own individual roles, our own characters. As a result of our imagined “fall” from God, we have each experienced a lot of pain. As we become more spiritually aware and learn to step back and watch the “movie” we think we are starring in, we begin to see how tiny, fragile, and indistinct we are as individuals. We will finally remember that our true power and joy comes from our Oneness with God, not from our separate roles.

Let your spirit soar!                         Paula

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