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In or Out #12/2014

As I drove to my Tai Chi lesson the other morning, I was feeling quite high on life; very peaceful and happy. The thought came to me that we often say we need to β€œlet God in.” In my mind, I instantly heard this correction: Since you are One with God, it would be more helpful to think about letting God out! In a lecture I listened to last night by David Hoffmeister, he equated the God/Love within us to molten lava from a volcano. It is like a burning, bright light that is trying to force its way up and out of us, but we keep covering it over with all our thoughts of smallness and limitation. We do everything we can to conceal and suppress the greatness within us because our power scares us to death.

When I had the thought of letting God out, I suddenly felt as if I were bursting at the seams with love that I wanted to share. I marveled at the joy I felt when I made this simple mental shift, and I laughed out loud at the absurdity that it has taken me this long to see the obvious. The next time I am feeling needy in any way, (wanting more love, money, recognition, more joy) instead of thinking I have to let God in, I will remember to give away whatever it is I think I need. It is in the giving that I will realize that I already have it all. I will finally – joyfully – be letting God OUT.

Let your spirit soar!


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