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In my last blog, I spoke about checking in for spiritual guidance before going about my day. I often feel that Holy Spirit guides me through my connection with Jesus. What I didn’t tell you was that I have a new neighbor. He moved in quite a few months ago. I haven’t gotten to know him personally. He sort of keeps to himself. What I find amusing is that, parked in his driveway is a big, bright red truck with large, white lettering across the rear window that says, JC CONSTRUCTION. As an avid A Course in Miracles student, it isn’t lost on me that the JC could symbolize Jesus Christ (the author of the Course), and that Jesus was also a carpenter.

Although the Course says that I am One with Christ, I still find it helpful to think of Him walking beside me as He guides me. I had to LOL when I saw that truck. I guess I must need a lot of guidance because He moved in right next door and brought His tools with Him! So, I’m letting Him help me. Together, we are building a high rise building. The foundation is constructed out of love and each floor is being added with ever increasing layers of faith. I’m told that, if I take time to ride to the top, the view will be spectacular – a completely unobstructed view of God’s love.

Let’s meet there!

Let your spirit soar!

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