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True Authority #18/2014

To illustrate a point in his book, Launch, author Jeff Walker tells a short story about being stuck in a traffic jam in a parking lot with three of his high school friends. He says, “There were so many cars trying to get out the exit that no one was moving at all. One of my friends, who understood a lot more about authority than I did, found a flashlight rolling around on the floor of the car and immediately knew what to do. He jumped out of the car, turned on the flashlight, and started directing traffic. Actually, he didn’t really direct traffic; he mostly just walked in front of our car and waved us forward through the congestion. Seeing the flashlight’s beam, other drivers made way for our personal “traffic director” and we drove right out of the parking lot. The only authority he had to direct traffic came from the flashlight. But people saw that flashlight, and they assumed he was in a position of authority.”

What struck me about this story was the line, The only authority he had to direct traffic came from the flashlight. My thought was that, the only time we truly have authority to assume a leadership role is when we are shining our light. Then, we have both the authority and the ability to walk out in front of the crowd, waving them forward through the congestion of their lives. We don’t have to stay stuck. We just need to remember to let our light lead the way.

Let your spirit soar!


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