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I was in the middle of taking an online course the other day and the program froze. I sat there and watched the little wheel spin round and round, expecting that at any minute it would advance to the next slide as it had been doing. No luck. I walked away in exasperation and got sidetracked doing something else. The next morning, the wheel was still spinning. I began wondering if it was mirroring how I might be “spinning my wheels” in other ways in life.

For a while now, I have been feeling myself drawn to ever deepening levels of spirituality. (Actually, there are no “levels” in Oneness, which is what we are, but for the sake of conversation, I will use that word.) It’s all I want to talk and write about, but I find myself holding back for two reasons. Because I am still learning, I am concerned that I won’t be able to adequately answer the questions that will invariably arise in response to what I write. And, if I cannot answer those questions, will I leave people feeling upset and confused.

If I look at those fearful thoughts in light of the truth that we are all One, then who could I possibly upset (or help!) but myself? And, if we each have the answers within ourselves (which we do because we are all connected to the One Mind – the Higher Self that knows the truth), then the writing need only be a catalyst for people to look more deeply within themselves.

These truths that I am remembering are helping me reconnect with and experience the love, peace, and joy that is my (our) true nature. Why wouldn’t I want to share?!!! I owe it to my One self to extend the loving truth to the best of my ability in every moment. Anything less, and I am just “spinning my wheels”.

FIRST THOUGHT: “The very nature of true perception is that it has no limits. It is the opposite of the way you see now.” A Course in Miracles

Let your spirit soar!

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