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When You See #24/2014

This morning I turned on the TV to check the weather. The station that was on was playing a movie I had seen before, called “At First Sight”. It’s a true story of a man who lost his sight at a very young age and then had it restored to him through surgery as an adult. Having lived by touch for so many years, he went through a period of tremendous disorientation, trying to discern what his eyes were now showing him.

I happened to come in right at the part where someone was teaching the man about optical illusions. The first words I heard were, “You mean that my eyes lie to me?!” A Course in Miracles tells us over and over and over again not to believe what our five senses show us; that what we “see” with our eyes is illusion; that only what we feel with our heart – only love – is real.

Towards the end of this very worthwhile movie, the lead character states it so well when he says, “When you see what’s real about yourself, you’ve seen a lot. And, you don’t need eyes for that.”

May we all see beyond illusion to the beautiful truth about ourselves and let our spirit soar!

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