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Tap #25/2014

Years ago, one of my high school friends had the habit of saying “you know” very frequently when she spoke. When we were sitting chatting with our English teacher one day, the teacher picked up a nearby pencil and began lightly tapping the back of my friend’s hand each time she said, “You know”. My friend soon became so self-conscious about trying not to say it, that she was eventually rendered speechless. We all laughed, but I never forgot the incident.

A Course in Miracles tells me that, “My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.” My friend used to say “you know”. I’m beginning to see that, with each thought I have, I am thinking that “I” know, but I am being shown that, clearly, I do not. I’m beginning to see that what the world teaches us is inside out, upside down and backwards. So I have asked Holy Spirit to be my teacher; to correct all of my thoughts. And, He is always right there, ready to correct me at every turn.

I’m worried about my future. TAP.
I don’t have enough. TAP.
I feel guilty about . . . TAP.
I’m too tired. TAP.
It’s all her fault. TAP.

I can see where this is going. I am being rendered thoughtless. I guess that’s a good thing. It is only when the mind is rid of all its false beliefs, that the beautiful truth can be revealed.

This holiday season, may we let go of all our false beliefs of limitation and lack and let the truth of our Divine nature be written in our hearts. May we choose to close our earthly eyes and, instead, look upon the world with Christ’s vision.

Let your spirit soar!

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