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Connected #7/2015

It is just recently that I made the amusing connection between the name of the company I now work for and the spiritual trajectory of my life. The company is called Connected Living. My job is to use computers and Power Point presentations to help seniors connect with life in a deeper, more meaningful way. It is particularly challenging because the seniors I work with all have varying degrees of memory impairment; some quite severe. What I am presenting is often far less important than how I am presenting it. What I most want them to get is that they are loving, lovable and loved.

The other day, one of the most disoriented seniors was very disruptive during the presentation. While trying to keep her quietly seated, I was also going out of my way to make sure she felt heard and appreciated. She might not have understood what I was presenting, but I’m sure she felt the love. While everyone else was watching a short video, she asked if she could give me a hug. When I bent down to hug her, she motioned toward the rest of the group and said, “These people don’t have any idea what we’re talking about, but that’s okay. You just keep right on loving them like you’re doing.” Now, that’s connected living!

Let your spirit soar!


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