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I got a parking ticket yesterday, and for a very foolish reason. I paid for the 1 ¼ hours I’d be gone, for space 357, and merrily went on my way. I returned in one hour to discover that I had a ticket. How did that happen?! Reviewing my steps, I remembered that I was busy practicing an upcoming speech in my head while I was paying for my parking space. I was distracted. I forgot to press the button that would complete the payment process.

Since I was already downtown, I went straight to the Town Hall and reluctantly paid the fifteen dollar fee. On the drive home I kept thinking about how I, literally, had to pay the price for not having been fully present earlier when I parked my car. Then I noticed that, all the way home, I kept thinking about being needlessly out that fifteen dollars. But, then came the deeper realization. Every moment I chose to spend thinking about the ticket meant that I was mentally “paying the price” once again.

Well! I thought. Paying once was quite enough! So, other than for the purpose of writing this blog, I completely let the story go. I am doing my best to stay present because, when I don’t, I always pay the price.

Let your spirit soar!


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