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I have heard reference to the three P’s of passion, power and purpose, but there are another three P’s that I would like to discuss today; ones that don’t propel us forward but, instead, hold us back. Although I can’t find the exact line in A Course in Miracles right now, I remember it speaking about living from the perspective of our True Self; not feeling that we need to promote, protect or prove anything about ourselves. I realized that these are all behaviors of the ego. It is always trying to be noticed, be safe, or be right.

In an emergency situation, all these egoic behaviors fall away. We don’t stop to think how will I look, will I be harmed, or what’s in it for me. Our heart leads the way as we dive in and selflessly do whatever the situation calls for. What I’m learning is that our True Self is heart-centered. It doesn’t have to think about what to do. It knows that love is the answer to every situation. Maybe the next time I am about to judge someone, I would do well to think of it as an emergency situation – that they are crying out – crying out to be saved by love. Maybe then I will put the three P’s aside long enough to realize my True Self.

Let your spirit soar!


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