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52 THOUGHTS (#s 1-6)

In early January I was requested to write my thoughts about something for an article in the Lowell Sun newspaper. A week later, another such occassion arose. It occurred to me that these might be nice thoughts to share with my clients via e-mail. The response was great enough to inspire to me to begin writing a new thought for each week of the year.

Since it’s so close to the beginning of this series, I’ve decided to include the first six thoughts here to give you a sample of how I view life and what you might expect from this blog. Thanks again for exploring this journey with me.


#1   Good enough

Many people find this a difficult time of the year. The excitement of the holidays is behind us. The cold, icy weather is not very conducive to going outside. For the first time in many weeks, we may find ourselves with large blocks of time stretching before us in which we don’t have any scheduled commitments. It is the perfect time to hibernate from the busy world and go within. Although this is what we dreamed of having time to do just a few weeks ago, now that the quiet time is here, many of us get nervous. We don’t realize just how much we depend on our busy-ness to keep us from having to do just that!

Many of us are secretly afraid that, if we take a closer look at our inner selves, we won’t like what we see. We almost all suffer from a chronic state of feeling like we are “not good enough.” The truth is that we were born good enough! There is nothing we need do to prove ourselves to anyone. So let this be a time of quiet self exploration. Dive into the silence, for that is where we will discover that we are not only “good enough” – we are AMAZING!

#2   Straight from the heart

As I was digging my way out of the huge snowstorm on Wednesday, it occurred to me that my neighbor’s daughter would be pleasantly surprised to find that I had cleared off her car for her. It was really packed in with snow. I had only finished cleaning off the roof when another neighbor came over and began voicing her opinion. “Why should we do that for her? I wouldn’t mind working along with her but I wouldn’t do it for her. As a new driver, she needs to learn responsibility. And she and her brother never come out and do anything. . . . . ” At first I felt a bit deflated. There was certainly some truth to her words. For just a moment, I started to second guess myself. Then I came to my senses and saw the truth of the situation.

The truth was that I felt really good while I was cleaning off her car. I felt good because I was aligned with our true nature which is love and I was extending that love to someone else. It was a decision that came straight from my heart and I quickly realized that it really wouldn’t have mattered whether she ever knew who helped her (and she never did.) It didn’t matter that maybe she needed to learn responsibility (how much better for her to learn about love!) The only thing that mattered was that sacred moment when I first thought of extending love to another. The doing, and the reaction to the doing, was secondary because, after all, only love is real.  

#3   Perseverence

 A good friend of mine was recently approached by a corporation for a job interview. With almost no time to prepare, she managed to have a very successful interview. However, when her information was forwarded to the director, he quickly dismissed her as not being a qualified candidate. When the interviewer notified her of this, here was my friend’s reply:

“Hi _________,

I understand that.

Still, I love the job description, and am going to put together work to demonstrate my skills in this area. Maybe in time, I’ll find a similar role for another company. It’s a very exciting position, and I’m happy for the individual who gets to take it on.

Best wishes for continued success for (company name),”


Later the same day, she received an e-mail from the same company saying that the manager has decided to give her the opportunity to send them a cover letter identifying how her skills would fit the position!

To me, this is a clear demonstration of someone who believes in themselves and in the value of what they have to offer in this world. She found a job she would love to do and believes she can do well. Instead of letting rejection dictate her worth, she set about doing the work anyways, knowing it has value, if not for this company, then perhaps for another. The Beatles were turned down many, many times before they made it big. My friend has been turned down a few times too. I’ve seen her get up time after time after time. Whether she gets this particular job or not, sooner or later, someone is going to be darn lucky to have her on their team. I know I’m lucky to have her on mine.

#4   Wanting

 Have you ever wanted something so much that you completely let logic fly out the window? I’ve had two such experiences recently. The first was a small lesson. I fell in love with some artwork in Homegoods and, even though I could see that the inset part of it was slightly, but annoyingly, crooked, I convinced myself otherwise and brought it home. Later, of course, I had to make another trip to return it. The second lesson seemed much bigger but, in a sense, they were both the same. It involved “seeming” recognition of my business achievements and a lot of money – MY money! – being spent for this “service.” I wanted this recognition to be true so badly that I made a very poor financial decision that I then had to go to great lengths to undo.

In the past, I have often talked about the importance of having the courage to act. When we’re trying out something new, it is often important to overcome our anxiety. However, there’s a different kind of anxiety we experience when we feel that something just isn’t “right.” That’s a voice we need to listen to! When we don’t, it almost always leads to trouble.

So, the next time you want something so badly that you are tempted to ignore the voice of reason, it might be helpful for you to remember this: There is nothing outside yourself – not an object, person or event – that can add to who you already are because who you are is already amazing!

#5    Trash or Treasure?

Recently, I received an e-mail from someone that I don’t even know (or remember ?), saying that she discovered one of my paintings in the dumpster outside her building. She suggested that, perhaps the owner died or the person “just didn’t know what they had.” She then added, “Thank you, Paula, for being who you are.”

 When we are passionate about making a difference in the world, we often measure our success by the tangible feedback we receive. But, what if that person hadn’t taken the time or known how to contact me?  Would that have made my impact on her any less real or valuable? I think not. When we do what we love, with love, the positive vibrations radiate out and affect the entire world, whether we are aware of it or not. We shouldn’t stop sharing our creative selves out of fear of our contribution being “trashed” because the old adage is still true: What’s one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Thank you for your unique contribution to my world.

Please continue to let your spirit soar!

#6   Ubuntu

When I was at the Social Security office the other day I noticed this message posted on the wall next to the man who was assisting me. 

“Ubuntu: A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.”

What a beautiful way of saying that we are all ONE; that when we celebrate or put down another, we are really uplifting or degrading ourselves.

On a lighter note: I thought that “Ubuntu” sounded African and the man certainly looked like he could be from Africa so, to break him out of his very serious, business like mode, I commented how much I liked the saying. Without missing a beat, he replied, “I just wrote it yesterday.” Fortunately for me, one of his co-workers started giggling. Otherwise, I would have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker! So there I was, judging him as being too serious when, all the while, there was a spark of humor just waiting for the right moment to surface. The laugh was on me!

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