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Voice lessons #30


 Tony Robbins is losing his voice.

 For those of you who don’t know him, Tony is a highly acclaimed motivational speaker. I believe he is losing his voice for a fantastic reason. He has taken his fiery passion for inspiring others and joyfully cheered so many people on to a better life that he is literally using his voice up!

 I am gradually losing my voice too. The doctor’s say I am hoarse because my thyroid gland is enlarged and pressing on my trachea. I know this to be true but I believe the real problem is that I have not pursued my own passion for motivational speaking in the way I had always dreamed of doing. The hoarseness is merely a symbol of my frustration with myself for not letting my voice be heard.


Tony may have used his voice too much.

I’ve used mine too little.


That’s going to change. I have two big speaking presentations scheduled in the fall and I know in my heart that, by then, I’ll be ready.

 We each have a unique voice in the world. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about speaking. It is whatever gifts we have to share. What is it that you are passionate about? Let your voice be heard today. Use it until you’ve used it up!

 You and the world will be better for it.

Let your spirit soar!
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Do you want it?   #21

 Do you have a big dream for your life?

 Recently I had lunch with a new friend who is a very gifted psychic. Although I wasn’t there for a reading, at one point in our conversation she felt compelled to share a vision with me of what she saw possible in my future. She had my full attention as she described in great detail the very vision I have had for myself for a long time. I was very excited about this unexpected turn of events because she basically took my fantasy and brought it into the realm of possibility. She made it real! Three or four times she stopped, pointed at me and said, “Do you want it? Because I can see you having it if you want it! Do you want it?!!!”

 I knew I was being asked this powerful question because, in the past I have manifested two similar situations that I didn’t want! I convinced myself that I wanted them because I bought into someone else’s idea of what my dream should be instead of listening to my own heart. Now I’m being told that my lifelong vision really can come true. How exciting! But this time will be different. This time I’m going to make sure that the dream I live is my own.

 Whose dream are you living?

Let your spirit soar!

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Do you spend most of your time trying to please others? For most of my life, I was a people pleaser. I confused that with being a good person. They are not the same. Over the last 10-15 years, I gradually began making decisions based on what I thought was best for me. I didn’t become selfish or uncaring. I simply learned to put my own oxygen mask on first.

 A few years back, because of some radical choices I made, a family member decided to change their will and remove my name as potential legal guardian for their children. They said I was “not the person I used to be.” At the time, I was devastated by their decision and their words. Ironically, BECAUSE of those same radical choices I made, a friend just asked me to be the potential legal guardian of her children!

 Although I am greatly honored by her request, I have finally come to the realization that my self worth is totally independent of her opinion today or that of the family member who rejected me years ago. I am now able to base my decisions on my inner compass instead of external accolades and, I am proud to say, “I’m not the person I used to be.”

 Who will you please today?

 Let your spirit soar!

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