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Missing out #22

Missing out   #22

 While I was visiting my friend’s house the other day, her 15 year old son had one of his school friends over for a first time visit. His friend was so nervous about being in a new situation that his mother had to stay at the house with him during his entire time. When she said she had to leave early to get some errands done, her son’s desire to stay was overridden by his fear and he chose to leave with her. Beyond the obvious temptation to judge this situation, I was saddened to think of all the fun her son was likely missing out on because of his fear.

 I began wondering why I was witness to that particular situation because I’ve seen over and over again how life mirrors aspects of my self back to me. Were my own fears keeping me from having more fun in life? One example that immediately came to mind was all the events I have passed up because I was afraid to drive into Boston.

I have a friend who recently joined Toastmasters, the international public speaking organization. She said, “It’s something I have to do simply because public speaking scares me so, and I don’t want to live in fear.” Well, neither do I! So, the next time I feel overcome with irrational fear (vs. an instinct to avoid real danger) perhaps I will remember that boy and my friend and find the courage to let my spirit soar!

 Are you missing out because of fear?

 Let your spirit soar!
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