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Already Home #20

Already home   #20

For many years I’ve considered myself to be a “spiritual seeker.” But my favorite inspirational author, Alan Cohen says, “To step onto any path is to leave our source.” Yesterday when I was meditating, the Wizard of Oz came to mind and I realized just how brilliantly it illustrates this point.

 When Dorothy took her first step onto the yellow brick road, she set out in search of something she already had. But because she no longer realized that she was already home, she embarked on a magical but often fearful journey through a land of good and evil, dazzled by beautiful sights and fueled by false promises from an egotistical wizard. The friends she met along the way were also searching outside themselves for something they already had. Eventually they all learned that they already possessed what they were searching for, most importantly, that Dorothy had the power within herself to return home whenever she chose. But it wasn’t until she recognized her own inner wisdom and had the courage to listen to her heart that she was finally ready to hear the good witch’s message. “You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back (home). . .”

 Our human experience is a lot like a journey through Oz. We keep looking for magical solutions to our imagined problems and trusting in our ego’s guidance to keep us safe. And although our journey can sometimes be very beautiful, we never know what evil lurks around the next corner. But what if the truth is that we are really already ONE with spirit and this thing we call “life” is just, as Aunt Em says, “a bad dream?” What if all our seeming problems could be solved instantly by simply waking up to the fact that we already are beautiful spirits imagining we’re not?  

 What if we’re already home?

 When asked why she didn’t tell Dorothy sooner, the witch said, “Because she wouldn’t have believed me. She had to learn it for herself.”

 And so do we.

Let your spirit soar!
Artwork: Flight of Imagination, NFS

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