“Suddenly I am everything. And everything is love.”
I cannot relocate the source of this quote, but I have no doubt, it comes from the One mind we share. 🙂
Happy Easter

It is just recently that I made the amusing connection between the name of the company I now work for and the spiritual trajectory of my life. The company is called Connected Living. My job is to use computers and Power Point presentations to help seniors connect with life in a deeper, more meaningful way. It is particularly challenging because the seniors I work with all have varying degrees of memory impairment; some quite severe. What I am presenting is often far less important than how I am presenting it. What I most want them to get is that they are loving, lovable and loved.

The other day, one of the most disoriented seniors was very disruptive during the presentation. While trying to keep her quietly seated, I was also going out of my way to make sure she felt heard and appreciated. She might not have understood what I was presenting, but I’m sure she felt the love. While everyone else was watching a short video, she asked if she could give me a hug. When I bent down to hug her, she motioned toward the rest of the group and said, “These people don’t have any idea what we’re talking about, but that’s okay. You just keep right on loving them like you’re doing.” Now, that’s connected living!

Let your spirit soar!


My elderly mother has a new medical alert call button that she can push anytime she needs assistance. Help is available to her 24/7. Commercials for similar products show someone lying on the floor, pushing the button and saying, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

It occurred to me this morning that we all have an internal button we can push for spiritual assistance whenever we believe we have “fallen” and can’t get up on our own. The Holy Spirit (our connection to God/love) is available to us 24/7.

At first, my mom wasn’t wearing the call button at all. Then she opted to use it some of the time. I’m having trouble getting her to understand the importance of wearing it all the time. Perhaps that is a reflection of my own reluctance to asking for the Holy Spirit’s help. Like her call button, His guidance is always available to me, but I opt to use it only on occasion or not at all. Unlike her call button, I don’t need to wait for a “fall” to ask for His help. In fact, using His help 24/7 is the very best insurance against falling in the first place.

Let your spirit soar!


If you’ve ever watched the popular vocal talent show, The Voice, you’ve seen the four judges selecting members for their team through a process called “blind auditions”. They sit with their backs to the singers so that their choice is based solely on the voices they are hearing. They cannot be distracted or influenced by the many other factors that would be evident if they were allowed to watch them sing.

I realize that I am a lot like the judges. I, too, am listening to, and comparing, different voices; the ego’s voice of fear and the Holy Spirit’s voice for love. The difference is, I usually forget to turn my back on what my eyes would tell me. I often choose which voice to listen to based on appearances. Gradually, I am learning that my eyes never show me the truth. True vision comes when I close my eyes (and ears) and listen only to the voice of love within.

On the show, ultimately, one voice is chosen above all others to be the best, but everyone knows that there are a number of superb voices worth listening to. Unlike the show, there are only two voices I can choose between and only one of them is real. The ego’s fearful voice only leads me to more illusion and suffering. The voice for love leads me home. I know it’s time to close my eyes and open my heart because, between these two voices, quite frankly –

there’s no contest.

Let your spirit soar!

My blog is late this week because I needed to more deeply process what I had begun writing about.

I was writing about the different personality traits of the many memory impaired seniors I work with: the one who is extremely opinionated and snobbish; the one who’s facial expression and whole body are so contracted in fear that she can only move forward in tiny, timid steps with someone pulling her along; the one who feels rejected if I don’t kiss her cheek each time I arrive, and again upon leaving . . . and so on.

I find myself very upset by these behaviors. I realize that they are so disturbing to me because they reflect unhealed aspects within myself. In the movie Sybil, Sally Field portrays a woman with multiple personality disorder. Her treatment requires her to become aware of – to acknowledge – those seemingly separated aspects of herself, take them back, and love them.

Until today, I think I thought that owning these behaviors within myself somehow meant that I was condoning or, even worse, admitting that I am those behaviors – that I am a judgmental, fearful, needy person too. But, now I get it. By loving and reclaiming those parts of myself and seeing us as One, those behaviors dissolve. If I am whole and complete – not separate from anyone or anything – then there is no one and nothing outside myself to judge, to fear, or to need!

I sit weeping with joy as I write. After years of study, I am finally starting to understand what Oneness means. What helped me was a recent new practice of mine. Each time I feel even the slightest annoyance towards anyone, I try to remember to tell myself, Don’t judge. JOIN! Quite often, I am able to instantly see past the behavior I am judging and connect with the love that was hidden underneath my own fear and extend it to that person. The wave of peace I experience is amazing.

This is the choice available to each of us in every moment. We can judge . . . or join.

Let your spirit soar!

The other day, at the assisted living facility where I work, one of the memory impaired residents entered a room and closed the door. The problem was, it wasn’t her room. When the housekeeper pointed out her mistake, the resident became belligerent and locked the door.

From the common living room where I was giving a presentation, I could watch what was going on. None of the staff, nor her grown daughter who had been called in, were having any luck convincing her that that room was not her home. Because they were being gentle and trying not to further confuse or frighten her, when I left a half hour later, the problem still had not been resolved.

On my ride home, I began thinking how perfectly that situation mirrors what I am experiencing as I study A Course in Miracles. The Course tells me repeatedly that this body that I believe I reside in is not my true home. That my true home is at one with God in Spirit – not in the world of form. It teaches this slowly and gently through 365 daily lessons so as not to overwhelm or frighten me.

As much as I swear I want to know and live the truth, my defenses go up and I dig in my heels. This body must be my home! I can see it, feel it, touch it. I can attack with it or be attacked. I have to protect it. I have to feed it. I experience pain with it . . . On and on it goes – the Course reminding me of the truth, and me inventing one scenario after another to disprove it – afraid to let go of the image I have made – unwilling to admit I might be wrong.

I wonder what it finally took to convince that woman that the territory she was so staunchly defending was not her home.

I wonder what it will take to convince me.

Let your spirit soar!


The other night, President Obama gave the State of the Union address. I did not watch it, but that’s okay. I know the only state of union I need concern myself with is my union with God. And, it’s not a state to be checked just a few times each year. It is a moment to moment awareness. What is my current thought? My current action? Are they in alignment with union? With love, peace and joy? Or, am I filled with judgment, anger and attack thoughts? If I buy into the belief that we are each separate, those thoughts would often be justified. But, if I accept (know) that we are one, love is the only response in every situation. After all, who would I be attacking but myself?!

Lesson 329 in A Course in Miracles states, “Today we will accept our union with each other and our Source. We have no will apart from His, and all of us are one because His will is shared by all of us. Through it we recognize that we are one. Through it we find our way at last to God.”

Oneness IS. It is not open for discussion. I can deny my loving union with all for as long as I want, but it does not change the truth. And, it is only in accepting the truth that I experience peace. So, each morning when I arise, and before I go to sleep each night, I continue to check the state of the union.

Let your spirit soar!