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Perfect Creation #13/2015

Hello dear readers,

I haven’t written for a while. I could use busyness as an excuse, but the truth is I didn’t feel inspired. I want to make sure that I am only passing on thoughts that come through me from Spirit – not “Paula’s” idle musings! That being said, I was recently moved by a video I saw on service animals. This young boy, Matt, is epileptic, and he now has a service dog. Merlin can sense an oncoming seizure long before it occurs, giving Matt’s family time to medicate/protect him.

It was what Matt’s mother said that really got my attention: “When Merlin looks up into Matt’s face, he doesn’t see a kid with epilepsy. He sees the most perfect creation God ever made. If you see that sort of adoration reflected back at you day after day, it changes the way you feel about yourself.” Wow! Isn’t that exactly what A Course in Miracles has been trying to teach me to do for all these years? To look right past what my senses are showing me, and see God’s perfection in everyone and everything?!

We just never know how Spirit is going to reach us with His message of love. We need to pay attention, because love is all around us. And love is God’s perfect creation.

Let your spirit soar!

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