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Imagine #13

In reviewing and deleting some of my old computer files, I came across a speech I had given a few years back. With the continuing unrest in the world, I think the message is as pertinent as ever so, even though it’s a lot longer that usual, I would like to share this thought with you today.

World peace. Who doesn’t dream of seeing that in their lifetime? And, who doesn’t wish that they could be part of the solution? When we think of making a difference with our lives, isn’t world peace the unspoken goal that we are all really aspiring to? John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”, touched us so deeply because his vision mirrored our deepest desire.

I used to think that people had to get involved in politics in order to make a difference in the world. Well, that let me out. I’m about the least political person you’ll ever meet! But, even though I have moved far away from that arena, I consider myself to be an ambassador for world peace. You can be, too.

 When Saddam Hussain’s statue fell in Iraq, I remember feeling relieved that such an evil force was being subdued. And, I remember thinking, “I feel a bit safer . . . . . for now.” But I knew in my heart that all we had done was apply a mere band-aid to the wounded face of humanity. Listening to the news as we celebrated our “victory” in Iraq, I came to this realization. True peace will never exist until we cultivate it within ourselves. What we think about expands. Like attracts like. Our thoughts, words and actions create our reality. With my whole being, I now know this to be true: Life isn’t happening to us. It is a reflection of us.

 “Well”, you say, “I would never create war!” Of course you wouldn’t…. not consciously. But we wage little wars in our mind each and every day. They show up in the form of judgment, fear and resistance. Aren’t these the foundation of larger scale wars? “I judge someone or something to be wrong; I fear what I don’t agree with or understand; and I resist allowing it to be that way.” These inner battles can range from seemingly harmless to downright hostile, but they are all forms of resistance that keep us from living peacefully in the present moment.

 Thoughts like:
 What a jerk! How can he say that!
I don’t understand those people. They should all be locked up.
Stupid drivers! I wish they’d all just get off the road.
This job is so boring!
I hate my fat thighs.
Why can’t people be smarter?
Why can’t people be nicer?
Why can’t everyone be perfect like me?!!!

  If we are falling apart, it is from the inside out. And there is nothing “out there” that can put us back together again. Not a new president, or a better plan . . . certainly, not better weapons! Peace has to start from within. When enough of us come to realize that our true nature is pure love and joy, and that we don’t need anyone else to behave in a certain way in order for us to be happy, the Saddam Hussain’s of the world will crumble. In his book, The Power of Intention, Dr. Wayne Dyer states, “When you regularly practice kindness, love and receptivity, and when you see beauty and the endless potential of good in others as well as yourself, you counterbalance 90,000 people somewhere on this planet who are living in the low-energy levels of anger, fear and hatred.” Which side of that scale do you want to be on?

 Each time that you practice acceptance and non-judgment; each time you take responsibility for your own happiness, instead of demanding it from others; and each time you respond to fear and hatred with love…..you, too, become an ambassador of world peace.

 Or, there’s the other alternative . . . . .

 As the artist, Thomas Kinkade, states so eloquently in his book With Wings Like Eagles, “As long as people see peace to be the result of having killed all their enemies, wars will go on forever.”

Let your spirit soar!

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